Open Water Certification

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There are 3 easy steps to becoming a Level 1 diver:

just three simple stepsStep 1

  • Start Home Study, Today!

Step 2

  • Study Review and Pool Sessions

Step 3

  • Open Water Certification Dives             


Start your adventure today by purchasing your own Home Study Kit and meeting with one of Woods & Water’s professional instructors for an equipment review and orientation session. Together we can determine the program and class schedule that is best suited for you. The Home Study Kit includes all of your academic materials that will prepare you for the next two steps.

Now that you have enrolled in our LEVEL 1 Program, let’s get wet! The Water Skill Sessions of Step 2 will teach you to become comfortable and proficient with your new SCUBA skills and Equipment Handling Techniques under the guidance of our professional instructor staff.

let's go divingSTEP THREE
Let’s GO DIVING! Once you have completed your Home Study (Step 1) and have become proficient in your SCUBA Skills (Step 2), you will join your instructor for two exciting days of SCUBA diving. It is there you will apply all the knowledge and skills that you’ve learned and practiced during Steps ONE and TWO.

You can make these dives locally, or you can join us on one of our regularly scheduled trips to visit the beautiful coral reefs. We can also arrange a referral if you have already planned a vacation!

What do you need for class?
The fees from steps 1, 2 and 3 cover everything except your Personal Equipment System and your SSI Dive Log. Woods & Water has Equipment Packages and Systems at prices that can’t be beat – even on the Internet! Our rebate on your program tuition guarantees that you receive the absolute best value on your total learning experience.
How soon do you need your Personal Equipment System?
Please do not purchase any equipment until we have met with you for your personal orientation. We want to be sure that you will be using safe, good quality equipment that we both can trust.
guaranteed fun!Is your certification international?
Absolutely! Woods & Water certifies through SSI (SCUBA Schools International), the largest “store based” international certification agency in the word.
Will you have fun?
We guarantee it! If at the end of the course you don’t feel safe or comfortable, or if you absolutely didn’t have any fun learning, we will graciously refund your program tuition.